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Good enough reasons why you should go celibate

Dry spell killed no one


A dry spell may sound like a nightmare but like many other things, sex has its good side and bad side.

Scientific studies have given several reasons as to why you should be having sex regularly. But have you ever thought of abstaining for some months? It’s actually doable and has great benefits.

Here are some amazing reasons why you should go celibate:

1. You grow a deeper connection


Most people do not understand the difference between love and sex. It matters how you connect with your partner. If you have only been connecting physically, try abstaining from sex and you will be surprised at what a deep bond the two of you can actually have.

2. You realize your self-worth

If the thoughts of what the other person thinks of you when you are in your birth suit scares you, try abstaining. You will appreciate your body more and realize that what others think does not really matter.

3. Save money


How about saving all the money you use for contraception and do something with it? Seriously, if you saved the money you use to buy CDs, P2 or other means of contraception, you would help someone in need or get yourself a piece of furniture.

4. No STDs

With the so many sexually transmitted diseases nowadays, you are safest if you abstain.

5. Unwanted pregnancies


We have all heard people complain about failed birth control. If you are not ready to have children, going without sex is the 100% safe option.

6. Wrong marriages

Today, there are people who are in marriage not because they love their partner, but because they have a baby together.

7. You learn how to please yourself


How else would you know what feels good for you if you don’t practice it? If you forego sex, you will be at a dry spell which will push jack off.  And through that, you will also learn how to make yourself orgasm.


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