What to do when you forget to put on deodorant

Try these hacks

Smelly armpits(dailysun)

It happens to most of us. You are trying your best not to get late to work - yet again, lest you lose your job. In your rush to get dressed up and leave, you forget to put on deodorant. Oops! What to do now? You can only hope that it’s not going to be a hot day or your colleagues will be making faces and asking where the smell is coming from.

But here’s the thing, if you find yourself in such a situation, fret not. Don’t let sweat spoil what could have otherwise been a beautiful day. If you ever forget to wear deodorant and you don’t have one in your purse, try these useful hacks:

1. Hand sanitizer

Generally, sweat is not smelly. What makes you smell is when the bacteria on your skin gets in contact with sweat. Most antiperspirants contain alcohol which is essential for fast drying after application. The alcohol in antiperspirants also plays part in killing the bacteria that bring about body odour. Most offices or bathrooms in hotels have hand sanitizer and it contains alcohol. Rub some under your arms to prevent body odour.

2. Antibacterial wipes

What if you do not have hand sanitizer? Wet wipes will do the job. Although you can still use the regular wipes you use to remove makeup, antibacterial wipes are best because they kill the bacteria that makes you smell. Just wipe your underarms from time to time throughout the day and nobody will notice that you didn’t wear deodorant.

3. Paper towel and soap

If you still can’t access the above two, you surely can’t lack access to a paper towel and some soap. Just put on some soap and water on the paper towel and use it to clean your armpits. You, however, might have to repeat this procedure several times for you to stay fresh all day.

4. Lemon juice

You already know that lemon has antibacterial properties which makes it useful in killing the bacteria on your skin. So, if you can get one on your way to wherever you are going, it will save you the embarrassment of walking around with smelly armpits. Apply the juice in your underarms and wipe dry using a paper towel. Just make sure that you have no cuts, wounds or razor burns since the acid in the lemon can irritate your skin.

Easy peasy, right?


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