10 reasons why Kenyan men hate weaves

Could you please keep it real?

Men prefer your natural kinks over weaves and wigs.

This is just one of the many reasons why men, while they don’t mind how good it looks, would still prefer your natural kinks over weaves and wigs. Here’s ten more.

1. It’s fake

Let’s put it out there that men notice that it’s not your hair. You might really look good with the fringe like Niki Minaj but at the back of his mind, it’s all fake and that irks.

2. The scratching

Let’s talk relatables, one of the most common problems with weaves is that they itch a lot and while Kenyan women are too ‘posh’ to scratch their scalps, the constant tapping on the head like you’re trying to reset a hanging DVD player is quite distracting.

3. Weaves stink

The heat in Nairobi will make any head covered in plastic sweat and accumulation of the same for days on end with the same hairstyle means having stinky hair that the men have to sleep next to. It’s not cute at all.

4. It’s also very confusing

Imagine a drunk man looking for his wife who in the morning had black straight hair but is now rocking a blonde bob. One might end up taking the wrong woman home.

5. The embarrassment of watching a wig fall

One minute she’s looking like Victoria Kimani getting ready for a photo shoot the next she looks like Mama mboga after a hot session of yoga. Do not be in doubt, the image stays forever in their minds.

6. Women keep them on for too long

It’s one thing to rock a weave that looks good, it’s a whole different thing when it stays on for too damn long until it starts looking like tufts of hair on a sick furry dog that need to be shaved.

7. Receeding hairlines

Contrary to what most women think, men have a bit of knowledge about how healthy hair should look like and can easily tell when your hairline starts receeding after being pulled enough time with the weaves.

8. Fake baby hair

There are two things in life that you cannot force; love and baby hair. We’re not sure who lied, but styling gel does a terrible job with faking baby hair. You lose pointers for trying to force your hair down with a toothbrush and gel instead of just brushing it down and making it naturally neat.

9. Some women try too hard

Ever tried to fit and iPhone charger to a Samsung? It just doesn’t fit.

Same thing with women who choose weave designs based on popularity instead of what works for them. To the guys you look a bit off and like you’re trying too hard.

10. It’s a sign of laziness

I laughed out loud when I was told this but here’s what my male friend had to say, “ You spend so much time at the salon getting those things woven to your hair instead of spending that time working on your natural hair. It makes you look lazy.”


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