Kenyan women among most overweight in Africa – WHO report

WHO has released a very worrying report concerning overweight women.

The report, named the Africa Nutrition Report, gathered data from national surveys of 47 countries from as far as 2000 to 2016.

From the findings of the study women classified as overweight stood at a median of 23.8 percent.

Kenya’s median stood at a staggering 32.8 percent. Women between the ages of 18 to 49 were studied.

With one in three adult women being overweight brings forth numerous risk factors such as high birth weight which could also increase the risk of their children being overweight – this is for overweight mothers.

The median prevalence of overweight children under five currently stands at 4,1 percent with Kenya being ranked 23 among 47 countries.

Swaziland led in the number of overweight women with their median standing at a shocking 50.6 percent.

Lesotho, Gabon, Ghana, Mauritania, Comoros, Zimbabwe and Sao Tome followed respectively.

The report released on November 16, urges proper diet and psycho-social stimulation from childhood.


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