For all the people with a sweet tooth out there, your sweet tooth may be causing a lot more damage in your body.

Here are some warning signs that you are eating too much sugar.

1.You are tired a lot

A sugar binge can result in a dip in energy levels. Yes, glucose is responsible for keeping energy levels up but the amount allowed in the body has to be balanced. When on a sugar high, there could be a spike in the energy levels but once the sugar is used up, the body will require the same amount of sugar to keep up with the previous energy.

2.You are breaking out more often

According to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, people that suffered from severe acne recorded a higher sugar as compared to those that had mild acne.

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3.Constant cravings

Sugary foods tend to cause you to have more cravings thus feeling hungry all the time.

4.Weight gain

When the body does not convert glucose into useful energy, the body tends to store the glucose as fat instead in major body parts.


As mentioned before, sugar is a source of energy so taking sugary foods before bed time will give one a bust of energy when the body should be resting.