6 health symptoms women should never ignore

Get checked up

Woman with headache(Garnet News)

If you are a woman, moodiness, lower abdominal pains and tender breast are symptoms you are already familiar to. And you it’s just part of being a woman.

But there are other symptoms that you should not just ignore. Because even though they may not seem so serious, they still could indicate a serious problem. Here are some health symptoms you should never ignore:

1. Irregular periods

There are some women who have irregular periods and it’s okay. However, if you have been receiving your periods regularly but things have since changed, you have a reason to be worried. Missing your periods or bleeding in between periods could be due to health problems. Your periods can change due to hormonal imbalance or even polycystic ovarian syndrome.

2. Pain during sex

Does it hurt when you have sex? It could be more serious than you thought. Painful sex could be due to an infection or even worse, cervical cancer. Have your doctor check you up and get treated if something is the issue.

3. Back pains

Well, if you lifted something heavy or you have a bad posture, you may have back pains. However, pelvic pain could also be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.

4. Breast lumps

Even though not all lumps are a sign of cancer, you can never be too sure until a doctor examines you. Examine your breast regularly and watch out for any changes that raise concern. Also, monitor your nipple discharge since an abnormal discharge could indicate breast cancer.

5. Abnormal vaginal discharge

By now, you probably know that different types of discharge mean different things. If your discharge is smelly or has a strange color, you could be having an infection and you should get treated.

6. Fatigue

Well, women have lots of things to do and more often than not, they are ever tired. But if you feel tired after doing nothing all time, you could be having a health issue. Constant fatigue could be a sign of heart disease, depression or cancer.


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