8 things that happen to you when you stop taking tea

Should you quit tea?

Tea does have benefits apart from accompanying our bread in the morning or making us feel very satisfied after a heavy lunch.

The catechins found in tea help keep blood cholesterol levels low. They also have cancer prevention properties, are antioxidants and anti-bacterial.

When taken in large quantities, tea can become addictive and cause more harm than any good.

This is what happens when you stop taking tea and you were an addict.

1. Headaches

This is due to withdrawal. Tea contains quantities of caffeine- which is a drug that stimulates the body. If the body gets used to the presence of caffeine, it will have various reactions to the absence of caffeine.

2. Lack of concentration

Your body isn't working at 100% since you made it rely on caffeine for alertness. Once the caffeine is taken away, you become sluggish and unable to concentrate.

3. Irritability

Quiting tea may lead to feelings of irritability or depression. You may end up feeling homesick, or unable to take up other acts readily.

4. Constipation

Caffeine helps boost bowel movement. If you stop taking tea and fail to increase your fibre intake, it could lead to constipation.

5. Weight loss

Stimulants inhibit metabolism. When you stop taking tea, your metabolism will become faster and this could help you shed a few extra pounds.

6. No heartburn

When tea is taken in large amounts, it affects the digestive tract which can result in feelings of heartburn.

7. Hormonal balance

According to Wellbeing Art, caffeine increases production of the stress hormone, therefore dropping tea will make the levels of the hormone drop.

8. White teeth

Tea contains components called tannin which end up staining your teeth with a yellow-ish colour.


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