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4 surprising signs you might have an STD

You might be ignoring these signs yet they mean you have an STD.

Painful genitals(Buoy Health)

Can we talk about STDs for a second? Those are really sneaky huh? Nowadays, you should have unprotected sex at your own risk since you're putting yourself at risk of contracting all the common STDs out there. Most people don’t really get tested for STDs except for HIV, so, you could be walking around with an STD unknowingly. STDs are mostly caused by exchanging body fluids with an infected person, and some, through oral sex, or orally. While most of the symptoms are pretty common, the itching and burning sensation when urinating for instance, there are other surprising STD signs that you may overlook or ignore. Here they are:

1. Lower abdominal pain in women.

If you constantly have lower abdominal pains and you’re not on your period, it could be a sign of an STD such as gonorrhea or maybe a pelvic inflammatory infection that has shifted into the area around the fallopian tube. This issue, if left untreated, can bring fertility problems in the future and should definitely not be ignored.


2. Painful sex.

For sure, sex should not be a painful experience unless it’s rape. While painful sex can be caused by other things besides STDs, such as vagina dryness in which case you only need lube, you should definitely have a check up if you’re experiencing painful sex and you can’t point out a reason why, especially if you find yourself spotting afterwards.

3. Flu like symptoms.

Fever, swollen glands and body aches are symptoms of the Herpes virus and these could pop up 2-12 days after a hookup. Again, obviously, they could be a sign of something else, but, don't ignore the fact that they could also be STD related.


4. Strange bumps.

Small bumps of your private parts could be a sign of genital herpes. But, before you jump into conclusions, the bumps could also be from something as simple as shaving or waxing which can cause the skin to irritate.


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