High-waisted pants do’s and don’ts that every girl should know

Styling high-waisted pants

High-waisted jeans (Hudda - Instagram)

There is something about high-waisted pants. Something chic, classy and sexy. They are not like the ordinary pants we wear every day. In fact, every girl should a pair of high-waist pants because they seem to bring out the best in every woman. Whether you are petite or curvy, there will always be something for you. Good thing is that high waist pants help in concealing your belly fat so you don’t have to have a flat tummy to rock them.

That aside, like any other outfit, there are rules of wearing high-waist pants. Nobody might have told you about it but you should consider these do’s and don’ts when wearing high waist pants:

1. Do wear a crop top

I know not everyone will be comfortable wearing a crop top. But hey, if you can, a crop top gives you that magical look that leaves everyone staring with admiration.

2. Tuck in your top

If you can’t do a crop top, make sure you tuck in whichever top you wear. There’s no point wearing high waist pants if you are only going to cover the details with a long blouse.

3. Don’t force a high-waist

Your pants are either high-waisted or not. Don’t force anything. If you force ordinary pants to be high-waist, it creates some annoying space in your crotch area that looks ludicrous.

4. Wear the right length

Your high waist pants shouldn’t be too long nor should they be too short. If they are wide-legged, make sure the hem hits the tip of your toes but do not go sweeping the floor. On the other hand, skinny high-waist pants should hit the ankle – anything past the ankle looks disastrous.

5. Avoid over-accessorizing

You can accessorize your high-waist pants with a belt but you will want to be very minimal in terms of accessories. High-waist pants alone draw all the right attention you need and overdoing accessories will redirect the attention to other areas other than your well-defined waistline.


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