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Reasons why every woman needs a pair of high waisted jeans

Do you own one?

Huddah Monroe rocking sexy high waisted jeans (Image: Instagram huddahthebosschick)

If there’s one clothing item that will never ever go out of style, it’s got to be the good old denim pants.

Every lady needs that perfect pair of jeans in her closet and I’d like to very much think that the perfect pair of jeans is one that’s high waisted - you will never ever go wrong with it. Sure, denim trends are evolving year in year out - we are seeing new denim trends pop up every now and then but even so, that’s not to mean that skinny jeans will become a fad. In fact, we have a couple of reasons why every woman needs a pair of high waisted jeans:

1. They look great on curvy women as they accentuate those curves.


2. And not just on curvy women, but also on petite women.

3. They hide the belly perfectly.

Simply wear a shapewear underneath if you want to hide your pot belly and wear high waisted skinny jeans and you’ll be out there looking like an Instagram baddie.


4. You can style them with pretty much anything,

From crop tops, to tees, blouses, bralettes, a blazer, denim jacket, name it.

5. In addition, you can transition from day to night in a pair of high waisted jeans and all you need to do is swap the flats for some sexy heels.


6. You can find them in a plethora of designs, spanning from flared to distressed and even in a range of different hues.

There’s something for everyone!

7. They bring out the booty and men love women in high waisted jeans.


8. They will make you feel and look sexy!


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