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Citizen TV’s Talia Oyando reveals her one addiction

Talia's journey

Despite the fact that Talia looks she got it all together on this fitness journey, she admits ‘all that glitters is not gold’’.

On Friday, the radio superstar revealed her one addiction when it comes to maintaining her to-die-for body.

"My kryptonite is candy ( anything gummy bear related) they are the reason I add weight when I do, it’s not even food its candy lol. I try to keep away," she wrote on Instagram.


The Homeboyz presenter confesses that she gains weight quite easily and to counter the nature of her body type, she works out five days a week.

Though her busy work life can tie her down, Talia prioritises her exercise routines  and from the videos, the reggae music in the background is always proof that she is enjoying it.

"I have the kind of body that would add weight quick if I wasn’t serious and lose it quick if I was. I work out 5 days a week and recently go back to riding my bike," Talia wrote.

You would think that hers is the perfect body every woman wants but she acknowledges she is still not where she wants to be on this fitness journey.

What is Talia’s go-to secret?


Though terrible at keeping up with a diet, the reggae MC’s secret is eating small portions of food.

Ms. Oyando believes that working out should come from within and self-motivation is always what makes her push more in the gym.


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