7 common household items you didn't know had an expiration date

They don't last forever

But anyway, we probably are all guilty of reusing some common items that we should have discarded years ago. But it’s only because we didn’t realize that they actually can expire.

Check out this list of items that we reuse over and over again without realizing that they had an expiration date;

1. Lipstick

For how long have you been using your lipstick? It can take some years for you to finish your lipstick especially if you do not use it daily. If your lipstick has changed its texture and smell, it could be expired already and need a replacement.

2. Spices

It’s tempting to store your masala and other spices in your kitchen for years because you can hardly tell if they are going bad. The ground spices change their smell and taste with time and should not be used beyond their expiration date.

3. Hairbrush

We at least know that we should replace our tooth brush after every three months. But who thought that the hair brush has an expiration date as well? Experts recommend replacing your hair brush after every year for healthier hair and scalp.

4. Bras

Once you get a perfect bra, you might want to hold to it for years. However, you should replace your bra as soon as it starts wearing out and you should not wear it for more than two years.

5. Slippers

Quite unexpected? Slippers collect germs and are likely to spread fungal infections if not cleaned more often. Also, be prepared to say good bye to your pair at least after every six months.

6. Perfume

Perfumes are expected to last for eternity because you only use a spritz each time. While they take a while to expire, they should be replaced once the color or the smell starts changing. If you want them to last longer, store them in a cool and dark place.

7. Towel

No matter how often you wash and disinfect your towels, you will still need to replace them after some years. This is because towels collect mold and fungus and washing them alone cannot eliminate the germs.


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