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6 tips to identify fake leather


Spotting fake leather(New House Design)

If you do not know what real leather looks like, it’s easy to be duped. Some imitations are so close to leather in appearance that you may not tell the difference between leather and synthetic fiber.

Worry not though if you do not know the difference. This article will teach you how to spot fake leather. You just have to keep on reading:

1. Water test

When you place a drop of water on real leather, it will be absorbed. However, the drop will slide on fake leather.


2. Edges

If you are keen enough, the edges of real leather on let’s say a handbag are usually rough. In some situations, they are not even painted so just by the look of the edges you can tell that it’s real leather. On fake leather, the edges will be so fine and probably colored to conceal anything that may make you tell the difference.

3. Label

Real leather manufacturers know that their quality is something to be proud of. The will clearly mention that it’s real on the tag unless it’s on second hand clothes. Although you cannot count on this method to tell the difference, you have a reason to doubt a product that is claiming to be leather yet it has no label to show that.


4. Smell

If you are dead sure that something is pure leather, smell it often until you master what pure leather smells like. This way, you will never fall prey to scams. And even if you do not know the smell of leather, at least you can tell what tell the smell of plastic. Synthetic leather smells like plastic.

5. Touch


When you touch original leather, you can feel its imperfections. If it’s smooth, it must be fake. Also, try pressing on the fabric. Real leather will wrinkle and stretch while fake leather will retain its shape.

6. Price

If it’s too cheap, think twice. Original leather is quite pricy.


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