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Clever ways to make your baby kick in the womb

Poke your bump

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The first trimester is usually challenging for most mom and morning sickness is the only thing that reminds them that they are actually pregnant.

The second trimester is when things start getting better. At this time, the sonographer can feel the baby’s heartbeat and you can also see your baby during an ultrasound. But the best thing is that you start connecting with your baby. It’s like you start communicating. Moms swear that feeling the baby move and kick is the best feeling ever during pregnancy.

When the baby stops to move or takes long to kick, it’s a cause to worry for any pregnant woman. Fortunately, if you feel like your baby has rested too long and want to trigger them and make them move, try out these tricks:

1. Eat something


Eat a healthy snack or drink a glass of juice. The rise in your blood sugar will give the baby some energy to start moving and kicking.

2. Jumping jacks

They are safe during pregnancy. Do several of them and the baby will wake up if it was asleep. Or, it will shift to a different position and you will feel it move.

3. Poke your bump


Poke the area where you feel the baby is resting. Don’t be surprised if it pokes you back. It’s the whole beauty of pregnancy.

4. Massage your belly

You can also massage your belly gently or ask someone to do it if you can’t. The baby will react by moving towards or away from the touch.

5. Talk to them


You shouldn’t wait until your baby is born to talk to them. Talking to them when they are still in the womb helps you bond better. If you have been in the habit of talking to your baby, you can feel it move once you start talking.

6. Ice cubes

Place some ice cubes on your bump and you will feel the baby move in response to the change in temperature.

7. Change your position


If you have been lying on your side, try lying on your back. Change your position until you feel the baby move.


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