Important things you should do before braiding your hair

Prep is really important

Preparing your hair for briading(Cosmopolitan)

Braiding is one of the protective hairstyles you can try especially during the cold season. It’s also convenient since you don’t need much time to style your hair when going to work.

But before you braid your hair, there are various things you are supposed to do to make sure that your hair remains in good condition.

1. Consider the state of your hair

If your hair is breaking too much, then this is not the right time to braid it as it might only break more. It’s only best to work on your hair first and make sure it’s strong and healthy enough before braiding. If you have dandruff, address the issue first. The last thing you will want is an itchy scalp after braiding or white flakes appearing on your braids.

2. Wash your hair

This is very important. Your hair will not be getting in contact with water any time soon. At least not after some weeks. Ensure you wash it and wash it well as this will also reduce itchiness caused by a dirty scalp.

3. Deep condition your hair

Your hair loves conditioner and you should give it just that. After cleaning it, apply conditioner generously and cover your head with a shower cap for like 30 minutes before rinsing. Conditioner prevents tangling, breakage and it also gives your hair a soft and smooth appearance.

4. Treat your hair

This is very important as it helps in preventing any fungal infections that may arise when your hair is braided. It also prevents breakage and dandruff. If your hair is breaking, consider using an anti-breakage treatment or anti-dandruff if you have dandruff. After washing, divide your hair into sections and apply the treatment on the scalp and the strands. Let it sit for some time to allow maximum absorption before rinsing.

5. Detangle

Your salonist won’t have the patience to do it gently. So you had better do it yourself. It will also ensure that your strands don’t break. It should be very easy to detangle after treating or conditioning your hair.


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