Try these tips to stop farting

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How to stop farting(pinterest)

Noone will go saying that they fart but the truth is that we all do. And it’s completely normal.

But there is a problem if you cannot control your farting and you make life hard for those around you. So, in as much as it’s a normal process, you need to know how to deal with it. Whether you are farting because you ate too much or some food reacted with your stomach, these tips will save you embarrassing moments:

1. Don’t chew gum

If you are in the habit of chewing gum, you will want to drop the habit until you stop farting. By chewing, you are only taking in more air in your digestive system and this is likely to make farting worse.

2. No soda

Sodas and any carbonated drink at this moment should be a NO. They contain air bubbles which will increase gas in your stomach.

3. Stay hydrated

It’s good for enhancing bowel movements. When you are constipated, you are likely to pass smelly wind but drinking water will relieve constipation.

4. Exercise

This enhances smooth digestion since digestive problems are the reason we fart.

5. Avoid foods that upset your stomach

Honestly, if you are already farting and proceed to eat foods that give you gas or make you bloated, you can’t be helped.

6. Eat slowly

You want to avoid as much air as possible. When you eat fast, you swallow more air than when you eat slowly and mindfully.

7. Don’t smoke

Quitting smoking is good for your overall health. But you will also want to stay away from it when farting as it involves taking in more air.

If you try all these and can’t stop farting, please see a doctor.


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