5 simple home remedies for ear infections

They can be really painful

Home remedies for ear infections(Medical News Today)

Ear infections can be really painful but the good thing is that they are treatable. Actually, some home remedies work so effectively that you may not need to see a doctor. You would actually be surprised that the solution is right in your kitchen.

Kids are more susceptible to ear infections but adults suffer from them as well. If you or your child suffers one, try out these simple remedies to treat ear infections:

1. Hot compress

Hold on a hot piece of cloth around the infected ear for around 20 minutes. The heat helps in reducing the inflammation that causes the pain.

2. Cold Compresses

For some people, cold works better than heat. Other people find that alternating cold and hot compresses work for them. If the hot compress does not work for you, try the cold compress or alternate the two.

3. Lemon juice

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of lemon, squeezing the juice into the infected ear relieves the pain. After squeezing the juice, let it sit for like five second before letting it out.

4. Olive oil

No scientific study supports this remedy but it’s been used for years and surprisingly, it works. There are also people who use chicken fat and it does wonders.

5. Garlic and onions

Garlic is known to have healing effects thanks to its microbial properties. Crash garlic or onions and soak them in warm olive oil for some minutes. Then strain the oil and put a drop in the affected ear.

These home remedies should, however, not be used as a replacement for antibiotics. It’s good to speak to your doctor on what home remedies you can use to speed up the healing process.he


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