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How you lose weight when pooping

Why you feel lighter when you take a dump

How you lose weight when pooping

Ever wondered why you feel lighter when you take a dump?

Aside from feeling like you just won the lottery every time you release that gigantic chocolate hostage, you feel like you’ve lost weight.

Usually after a lengthy biohazardous trip to the loo, you do lose weight. It happens when you fart too.

So is the idea that weight loss happens when you poop far fetched? Yes, it is.


According to researchers, poop weighs an average of 450g. And if you consume more food rich in roughage like cabbage and drink lots more water, your poop will also add in mass.

Farting also holds a significant amount of weight. Studies say that in a day, you release up to 1.4kg of gas. Yes, you and your brothers. Men and women expel the same amounts of gas per day.

While you do lose weight when you take a dump or fart, you do not become slimmer or healthier.

Your body’s composition won’t change and neither will your muscle percentage.

Pooping and farting is equivalent to taking off a heavy pair of leather boots or undoing a horsehair weave.


Do not take laxatives and hope that by pooping more then you will have found the easiest weight loss regimen since juicing. You will only end up really sick with irritable bowels and an anal sphincter that is inflamed. And you don’t want that.

What did we learn? You do lose weight when you drop a deuce. But you don’t change your body. So join a gym or start jogging. Don’t try extra farting to lose weight. You may end up even killing people with those silent and deadly ones. Oh, and apparently, you can tell how smart a baby is with their poop. At least it's good for something.


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