How your body is warning you that you are too stressed

Stress affects your sex drive

Stressed lady(courtesy)

From time to time, we all get stressed and it’s all part of life. But it’s another thing to get too stressed since it not only affects your emotional health but also your physical health.

Sadly, we never realize that we are stressed until when it’s too late. But if we do, we can prevent the harm that comes along with stress. All the same, our bodies always have a way to warn us when something is not right.

If you have these signs, the body is trying to tell you that you are too stressed and it’s time you do something about it:

1. Fatigue

After a long day at work, it’s normal to feel tired and want to rest. However, if you feel tired early in the morning while you have not even started working, then you need to worry about your stress levels.

2. Headache

You can have headaches for various reasons. And stress is one of the major causes of headaches. The best way to deal with these types of headaches is managing your stress.

3. Low sex drive

If you have lost your interest in sex, stress could be the culprit. Once you learn how to handle stress, your sex drive will be back to normal.

4. Your hair is falling

If you see extra strands each time you comb your hair, the stress is too much. There are other reasons as to why you may be shedding your hair but stress is also a major cause.

5. Skin breakouts

The stress hormone, cortisol is notorious at clogging the pores leading to breakouts. So if you are going through a tough time, don’t be surprised that your skin is actually breaking out.

6. Weight changes

When you are too stressed, your weight fluctuates. Stress affects one’s appetite and you may thus lose or add some pounds. If you are stressed, you should ensure you engage in healthy eating habits.

7. Sleep pattern changes

Different people’s bodies react differently to stress. For some, they find it difficult falling asleep. Others sleep for long hours and still feel like they still need to go back to bed. If you have gotten to that levels, it means you are too stressed.


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