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8 lipstick mistakes every woman should stop making by now

It's time to stop making these silly mistakes.

From having lipstick on their teeth to over compensating with your lip liner, it just doesn't look good at all.

Here are some of the common lipstick mistakes you may be making and how to deal with them to avoid looking a hot mess.

1.Not exfoliating


Exfoliation is not for your face alone but also for the lips.

Applying lipstick on dry lips will draw the wrong kind of attention to them so that sugar and honey DIY exfoliator should be part of your lip care routine.

2.Wearing too much gloss

One word for putting on too much lip gloss – fish lines (That nasty white layer that appears on the inside layer of your mouth.)

I’m not even sure if fish lines is the name for it but it still looks terrible.


Apply just a dab of gloss to your lips if you want to add a bit of shine.

3.Not moisturizing before applying lipstick

Make sure you moisturize before applying lipstick for instance matte lipsticks.

Matte lipsticks are pretty dry so you’re not getting much moisture on your lips that’s why it’s really important to moisturize them before.

4.Putting on lipstick after putting on lip balm


This is more counteractive than helpful.

Putting on lipstick directly after putting on lip balm will just make you spread your lip balm instead of actually putting on any color on your lips.

5.Not lining your lips

If you do not want to look like you forgot to check the mirror after a make-out session with your man – we’re talking about that annoying lipstick smudge on the chin - then you might want to consider lining your lips.

Line your lips with a shade darker - but not too dark – than your lips to make them appear fuller.


Also, every day is not a costume party so avoid lining the outside of your lips – unless you’re going for the clown look which is definitely not cute.

6.Wrong color for your complexion

With any form of make-up finding the right shade for your skin tone is key in achieving flawless make-up.

7.Wrong shade for the wrong occasion

We believe in expressing yourself but neon green is just not going to cut it for a business meeting.


8.Blotch test

Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth by doing the blotch test.

For those that don’t know how to do the blotch test – all you have to do is stick your index finger between your lips and close them while pulling out your index finger.

The excess lipstick will come off on your finger.


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