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Genius lipstick hacks that every girl must know

It can only get better with these hacks

Red lipstick

Every girl needs some lipstick even if it’s for occasional purposes. When done right, lipstick can transform your look and make you look classier. Good thing is that anyone can learn how to wear lipstick right. And with these fabulous hacks, wearing lipstick can only get better:

1. Make nude lipstick with concealer

Once you master how to do this, you will never again invest in a nude lipstick. Yet, all you need is your red lippy, concealer and lip balm. To create nude lipstick, dab concealer on your lips followed by a generous amount of lip balm. Then, take your red lipstick and blend it with the concealer and lip balm for a perfect nude shade.


2. Mattifying your lipstick is super easy

Want to achieve a matte look? It’s easy. After applying your lipstick, place a paper towel on your lips then dab some powder on top of the paper towel. The powder will change the texture of the lipstick and make it last longer.

3. Prep is very important


Don’t just be in a hurry to apply lipstick and leave for work. If you want a smooth finish and flawless looking lips, make sure you prep your lips. This involves exfoliating and moisturizing before you apply lipstick. You can exfoliate your lips at home with some sugar and brush them gently.

4. Don’t walk with lipstick on your teeth

Though it’s embarrassing, every once in awhile, you meet with someone who has lipstick on their teeth and truth be told, it doesn’t seem okay. In most cases, the person does not even know until you tell them. To avoid this embarrassing mishap, put your index finger in your mouth after applying lipstick. Then, purse your lips and gently remove your index finger from the mouth. The finger will come out with all the lipstick that could have stained your teeth.

5. You can fix your broken lipstick


Yes, it’s possible. Try to stick it back to its holder and heat both sides using a lighter. Just be careful not to heat it for too long lest it melts completely and you end up with a messy fluid. After heating it, keep it in the refrigerator for some time for the pieces to settle in together.


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