6 make-up mistakes Nairobi women need to leave behind in 2017

You're guilty of committing at least one of these make-up mistakes.

Make-up is supposed to enhance your natural beauty; not morph you into a scare crow.

Here are six common make-up mistakes every Nairobi woman needs to ditch when entering 2018.

1.Wearing the wrong foundation

If it isn’t your shade then it’s not your shade. Don’t force it.

Try find a shade that is closer to your skin tone. You don’t want to walk around looking like a ghost.

2.Not blending your foundation well

This is probably the most common mistake every woman makes when it comes to their make-up. Blending is so essential in getting that face beat right so make sure you do it right. There are so many youtube tutorials to help you out with that.

3.Over lining/overdrawing eyebrows

Try to use a pencil lighter than the colour of your eyebrows and don’t press too hard when drawing your brows – the whole point is to help give your brows some volume.

4.Wearing too much eye liner

The whole panda look is not attractive at all plus it’s very heavy on the eye.

5.Forgetting to blend your make-up to your neck

Always remember to blend your foundation up to your neck to avoid looking like you have two different skin tones.

6.Testing make-up on your hands

The back of your hand is a different shade from your face so testing out your foundation shade on your hand is basically useless.

Ask an expert to help you find the right shade for your skin tone.


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