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13 signs you are addicted to makeup

Dropping your powder gives you a mini heart attack

Well, to be fair, there's also others like me, who are kind of in between. Some days, you can go natural and others, you step out with a face beat for the gods. Makeup is great because not only does it enhance a woman's beauty and her facial features but also boosts her self-confidence.

I don't know what women like better between makeup and shoes. I guess one day we will need a tiebreaker. Hmm, if you love your makeup a little too much, you may actually be addicted to makeup. But that's better than being addicted to drugs right? Well then, here are signs you're a makeup addict.


1. You cannot fathom leaving the house without makeup.

2. You spend a lot of your free time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

3. In fact, you know nearly all the beauty bloggers out there.

4. As well as all the top makeup trends and products.

Contouring and strobing, Sephora and Naked are all words that you're well familiar with.


5. You have perfected your makeup skills such as getting the perfect winged liner, brows on fleek and baking your face.

From watching all those YouTube tutorials perhaps?

6. Your friends always ask you when you're 'beating their faces'.

7. You spend a lot of money buying makeup.

You have so much makeup that it has its own bag. 10 shades of lipsticks, different shades of foundation, loads of makeup brushes, each with it's own purpose and a dozen of eyeshadow palettes as well as everything else that belongs to the makeup world.


8. On nights out, your friends tell you to start getting ready one hour earlier because they know you will take forever to get dolled up.

9. Your purse always has some makeup like lipstick or powder, after all, you need to freshen up your makeup in the course of the day.

10. You get really excited when you receive makeup as a present.

In fact, the best thing someone could buy you is new makeup or offer you a photo shoot, complete with professional makeup.

11. You love selfies. Heck our Insta feed is full of selfies.


How can you spend hours prepping that face and not show it out to the world?

12. You cannot live in a house without a mirror,

And if you do, the first thing you invest in is a massive mirror. Who lives in a house with no mirrors and how do they survive anyway?

13. You dislike memes that shame girls who love makeup and you always have a clap back when someone tells you that you wear to much makeup.



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