7 items every makeup beginner needs

If you want to start doing makeup, here's what you'll need

So, you're just getting into the whole makeup craze?

Makeup is fun, but it's not as easy as many people think. To perfect your skills, you will need many trial and error sessions. You will also need to watch many YouTube tutorials, get it wrong, severally but eventually, you'll get there.

The most important thing as a beginner is to find the holy grail products that work for your skin tone and skin type. The best way to do this is by going for a skin consultation or a renown makeup store and have them assist you on the right shades for your foundation and powder as well as the right brushes and the art of getting your face beat.

A great makeup artist knows that you need three things, the right makeup, the right tools and the prowess.

So, as a beginner, these are the items you will need.

1.  Primer and mositurizer.

You need to coat your face with a base before you apply your foundation. The primer helps protect our skin by acting as a base. The moisturizer prevents dryness and keeps your skin mositurized.

2. Concealer, foundation and powder.

The concealer will hide any dark spots, pimples and blemishes. You apply the concealer before the foundation and finish off with the powder.

3. The right brushes.

Key word, right brushes. If you do not use the right brushes, the end result will not be smooth. You need the right brsuhes to blend in the makeup perfectly.

4. An eyeshadow palette.

Get one with the colors that you love and ones that are not too shouting. Remember you're a beginner, making yellow eye shadow look great might not be an easy task so start with earthy tones and graduate to more color options once you have perfected your skills.

5. Lipsticks.

Go for some nude colors as well as red lipstick. Every woman needs a red lippie for those date nights and when you ned to look glam. Tone it down with nude lips during daytime or a casual effortless look.

6. Mascara and eyeliner.

Your eyes need to pop. Liquid eyeliner may not be so easy for beginners. You could opt for the solid ones and once you're good at getting your winged liner, you could then go for the liquid liner.

7. Wet wipes and face cleanser.

Well, at the end of the day, you will need to remove the makeup right? Get yourself alcohol free wet wipes to remove your makeup and a cleanser to clean your face and get rid of all the makeup during shower time.


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