Beauty tricks come up as fast as people discover Instagram. There are loads of beauty gurus all over the internet.

Some are sponsored by makeup royalty so their solutions aren’t exactly pocket friendly. Others are gurus in the same way that Larry Madowo is a soccer star. While others offer unconventional but surprisingly sound advice.

Use juice for lip stains

When you run out of lipstick, you can use concentrated drink mix for your lips then top it off with lip balm.

Use coloured pencil as eyeliners

If you need a very colourful eyelid, you can soak coloured pencils in hot water for while until they are soft and gel like. Makes it easier to apply the pencil across your lids then.

Use talcum powder to get fuller lashes

Apply some powder over your lashes using an earbud before or a mascara brush applying the mascara. Repeat once more for fuller lashes.

Dried eye liner pot

Add face oil to the jar to make your liner gel-like again.

Use charcoal to whiten teeth

Apply activated charcoal to a toothbrush then spread over your teeth. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse your mouth.

Use Vaseline to exfoliate lips

To gently exfoliate lips, apply Vaseline to a toothbrush then apply to your lips.