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New makeup trend-underliner

Ladies, we are now doing eyeliner upside down!

Last year, we saw some crazy makeup trends, people were doing all sorts of weird batshit crazy stuff to their eyebrows, nails and faces.

So when we see a not so crazy trend, well, it's a sigh of relief. The underliner makeup trend has been trending for a while now, going by runway, red carpet as well as celebrity inspired looks. The underliner look is basically like doing your eyeliner upside down. Most of us Kenyan ladies already line the lower eyelid with black eye pencil. However, in this trend, it's all about a pop of color and making the lower eyelid pop.

If you want your eyes to appear bigger, go for a white underliner. You could also go for the ever so dramatic smokey eye look. My favorite is the colored underliner. Go for a color such as hot pink, blue or even green to draw attention to the eyes and make them pop. Some people are going for a more dramatic look by drawing like a winged underliner beneath the lower lid. Maybe it's a nice look for a night out. Daytime? Erm, not quite...


This look has been given the stamp of approval by celebrities such as Willow Smith, Janelle Monae and Zoe Kravitz so we are saying hell yeah to the underliner.

Here are photos of the trend.


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