Common mistakes to avoid when buying makeup

Some mistakes are costly

Beauty tips(ProMakeupTutor)

How many times have you bought makeup only to have it stay in your cosmetic drawer for years because you don’t use it? When buying makeup, you need to be sure that you really need it. Don’t just buy because it’s on offer or because it looked good on so and so.

Girls make these common mistakes when buying makeup and it can be very costly:

1. Ignoring your skin type

If you do not already know your skin type, that’s the first thing you should find out before you buy makeup. You can test your skin type at home or visit a dermatologist to find out if your skin is oily, normal, dry or mixed. Otherwise, the other alternative would be buying makeup that is good for all skin types.

2. Palette

Not every color will look good on you. Visit a makeup artist and experiment with different colors. Then master which colors look good on you and buy that.

3. Ignoring your skin tone

We cannot talk about makeup without mentioning foundation. Before you buy foundation, be sure that it matches the tone of your skin. You can start by visiting cosmetic shops that have free tests then from there, you can buy what’s best for your skin tone.

4. Testing under artificial light

Testing foundation under natural light is the best way. Otherwise, you might be misled to buying the wrong shade if you test under artificial light.

5. Assuming that a product you saw on a friend will work for you

First, their skin type and tone may be very different from yours. Whether it’s that red lippie or foundation, testing and reading reviews will get you informed before making a purchase.

6. Ignoring the seasons

During the cold season, your skin is likely to dry out. You will, therefore, need makeup that has moisturizer. On the other hand, you will need to buy lighter makeup during the hot season.


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