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After I saw what she did to my baby, that house help had to go - Carolina Carlz

I was so angry

Carolina's family

If you thought carrying the pregnancy for nine months is the hardest thing ever, try parenting. Like the Swahilis have it, “kuzaa si kazi, kazi kumlea mwana” and any parent can attest to this fact.

Even after your little one comes, life has to continue and bills have to be paid. That means you have to go back to work and probably leave your baby with someone else. As for Carolina Carlz, she had to make tough decisions and sacrifices to ensure her young one was fine.


With so many videos about nannies mistreating kids, Carolina had to be extra careful.

“One of the precautions I took to make sure the baby was okay was having a trusted family member at home and having a nanny camera. As long as my phone and the camera at home were connected to WIFI, I was able to see what was happening in the house, I could talk to the nanny, and that gave me a bit of security because I knew when my baby was crying and could see what was happening. I also made sure that the nanny knew that the camera was there but I didn’t disclose how many cameras were in the house,” Carlz tells this journalist. 

I was afraid that something would happen to my baby

Despite having a nanny and her brother at home, she still had fears that something might happen to the little one when she was away at work.


“My biggest fear about leaving my baby was that if the baby cried a lot, the nanny would probably lose her temper and harm the baby. But at least having my brother in the house really helped because I had trained him on how to handle the baby. I also had developed trust for the nanny because I had stayed with her for like a month before going back to work,” she states. 

Anything to do with the baby had to be prioritized. All other duties could wait and nothing was negotiable when it came to the wellbeing of Baby Nyla.

The house-help was cleaning the baby when it was cold

There was this day when I saw the nanny cleaning the baby when it was cold just because she accidentally spilled soup on her neck. The nanny had her sweater on because it was cold but the baby had no clothes. I was so angry because she could have just wiped the soup using a dry cloth or wet wipes and we had also made it clear that bathing the baby was not part of her job. That nanny had to go,” the Pulse presenter recalls. 


When it came to going back to work, Carolina tells us that it wasn’t easy. First, she had to make sure that the baby was well fed, which meant that she had to pump at work.

“I carry a manual breast pump because it doesn’t need power and you can pump anywhere. When putting the milk in the fridge at work for the first days, I used to feel so shy. I used to wonder what my colleagues thought when they opened the fridge and found breast milk. But they all got used to it,” she adds. 

I had to sacrifice my career


For the sake of the baby and a healthy relationship, Carolina had to make a huge career sacrifice.

I had to go part-time. I used to work five days a week and I had to start working three days a week. I had tried going full-time for two weeks but I realized that it wouldn’t work out. The baby cries so much at night and my house-help leaves in the evening. Imagine you are tired from work then when you get back home you have to attend to a crying baby. After she goes back to sleep, it takes a bit of time before we get our sleep back and she had to feed at least four times a night. We needed to focus on our jobs and all that led to us being too tired, sad and frustrated at each other because we were easily irritable . We decided that I had to go part-time so that I could at least take care of the baby most of the time while my fiancé focused on his job. That has really helped us to be a happy couple because we are no longer frustrated or angry at each other. On weekends, instead of staying in sleeping, we can now enjoy our parenthood while at a getaway,” she says. 

To the hardworking moms who have to juggle between work and motherhood, Carlz says, “I understand that not all of us can afford to work part-time. Just know that you are doing an amazing job and we are all heroes. But most importantly, leave everything to God.



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