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I was trying to breastfeed the baby but the milk was not coming out - Carolina Carlz on the struggles of being a new Mom(Video)

One had to wash their hands before touching our baby and we also didn’t want many visitors - Carlz 

Carolina with her baby

Birthing is heroic, your little one rocks and the joy they bring to your life is unexplainable. However, it’s not all sweets and pancakes, especially when you are a new mom and you can’t make head or tail on what to do with the baby. 

In our first episode, Carolina Carlz shared her labor pain experience and how she ended up in the theatre for cesarean section. In this episode, she shares her challenges as a new and confused Mom who was clueless on what to do with her newborn. 

Even before she left the hospital, the nurses were already pressuring her to produce enough milk to feed the baby. 


“The first two weeks, I had a problem producing enough milk. The first three days were the most stressful. I was trying to feed the baby and nothing was coming out. When I asked the nurse for help, she said that I was the one who was not feeding the baby. Yet clearly, I wasn’t producing any milk.” Carolina recalls.

The baby couldn’t stop crying, the nights were long and tiresome 

After going home, it didn’t get easier. The first one month was characterised by long and tiresome nights. Nights full of frustrations that Carolina feels could have been worse were it not for her supportive husband who always gave a hand in trying to calm their little one when she couldn’t stop crying.


“When the baby cried, we were just following three rules.We had been told that when a baby cries, they either need a diaper change, to feed or wants to sleep. Besides that, we were doomed. The most frustrating thing was seeing her cry after doing all the three things we had been told. I would get so stressed because with the CS cut, I couldn’t even walk around the house to calm her,” the Pulse presenter tells this journalist. 

Being the clueless new parents they were, Carolina recalls how surprised they were when they first saw their daughter smile and laugh.

There was this day my friend came and started playing with the baby. To our surprise, the baby started laughing and we couldn’t believe it. We didn’t know that the baby can smile. We didn’t know that someone is supposed to play with the baby. We were so clueless” she narrates amid laughter.


We didn’t want lots of guests in our house

To keep baby Nyla safe and healthy, there were also rules to be followed.

“The first three months, the baby is still getting the important vaccines. We didn’t want to bring her out in a crowd of people, and we didn’t want lots of guests in our house. If you were to come to the house and know clearly well that you have a flu, you were not supposed to touch our baby. That was one of our rules. Of course when you come in, as a guest, you really don’t have to be told. Just go wash your hands before you touch the baby. We were also limiting people who had a lot of perfume from touching the baby because at the end of the day, you need to protect the baby,” says the Pulse Live presenter.

What if someone just comes in and they want to hold the baby without cleaning their hands? Carolina has some piece of advice; “There are people who have no clue that they are supposed to wash their hands. With such people, you just show them the bathroom and kindly request them to wash their hands before touching the baby.”



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