Every mom has a different version of their story to motherhood. Or haven’t we all heard of women who delivered safely on their own while others labored for days?  

For Carolina, hers was a journey with its own set of challenges, but one that has given her a sense of purpose in life. All the morning sickness and even the indescribable labor pain she got, is totally worth the gift of life she brought to the world.

Even so, Carolina chose the path that most women will not dare pick unless prompted by lack of an alternative. Instead of normal delivery, she chose to go the cesarean section way. Not even the doctors or her fiancé could convince her otherwise. Not after all she had been through in the labor ward.

Carolina at 8  months
Carolina at 8 months

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Baby pooped in the womb


Ten days post expected date of delivery (EDD), an enthusiastic Carolina picked her maternity bag and headed to Aga Khan Hospital ready to get her baby. There being no signs of labor, she had to be induced. 16 hours after induction, her body still wasn't ready.

“After the second induction tablet, I sat down and felt a gush of fluids come out. But it wasn’t a clear fluid as was expected. It was greenish in nature and we had to call the midwife to come and check it,” she recalls.

The midwife would only confirm that it was meconium although it was still safe. With all the paranoia of losing her baby to meconium, Carol was already demanding to be taken to the theater. The doctors, however, insisted it was only grade 1 and the CS wasn’t necessary yet.

The most painful experience

Carolina and her baby
Carolina and her baby

In the labor ward, she was put on a drip. And this, as she recalls was the most painful experience ever.

It got to a point that the contractions got so close together. They were coming in so fast that I couldn’t describe where I was feeling pain. I didn’t want to be dramatic or scream but I no longer had control over my tears. The pain is indescribable,” says Carolina.

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With every contraction, the baby’s heart rate went down and she couldn’t imagine losing her baby.

With all the pain, the drip, the baby’s heart rate going down, and meconium, I was only at 2cms. That’s when I decided that giving birth is not supposed to be a punishment. I wasn’t going to die or let my baby die. I signed the papers and within 10 minutes, I was in theatre,” she narrates.

Shortly after, her bundle of joy was brought to the world safely. A healthy and lovely Baby Nyla.

Nurse helps Carolina hold her baby
Nurse helps Carolina hold her baby

The Pulse Live presenter says, “When I saw her, I can’t explain what it felt like. It was the sweetest moment, just looking at her and smiling.” 

Message to New moms-to-be

Carolina, her fiance and baby Nyla
Carolina, her fiance and baby Nyla

To the soon to be moms, Carol says, “Just do you. My body is not the same as yours and it’s not going to react like mine. I had tried dancing, taking walks, and eating spicy foods but they didn’t work for me. Even after the drip, I couldn’t open for more than 2 cms.”

 For one to deliver normally, the cervix should dilate for up to 10 cms. But even after drinking lots raspberry tea, and doing all the things she had been told in order to have a normal delivery, it didn’t work for her. She just couldn’t open enough to deliver normally.