The other day, Chimano of

The band member took to his Instagram to share a thank you message with fans of the band that's currently on tour in Australia but little did he know that he was opening a can of worms. Immediately after, comments from close-minded Kenyans who can't mind their own business started being littered on poor Chimano's Instagram, for the entertainment of many.

In African culture, nail grooming is considered feminine even though in recent times, men too go for mani-pedi appointments which btw are important. Nails harbour so much dirt and germs and it's good to have them cleaned twice or once a month by a nail specialist. Most men will obviously go for colorless nail polish which is acceptable. However, when it comes to those in the creative industry such as artists, musicians, actors, models and fashion designers, wearing nail polish is not new.

Some international celebrities have been known to wear nail polish every now and then. In fact, popular fashion designer, Marc Jacobs started a nail polish trend last year #MalePolish which took over Instagram with different men sharing photos of their well manicured and polished nails proving indeed that men can rock nail polish too.

Look, this is what I think. Nail polish is for men is an unorthodox trend, however, I do strongly believe that those in the showbiz are allowed to do whatever the hell they please, they're entertainers for Pete's sake. Rock stars have been walking around with eyeliner and pink hair since we started listening to the likes of '3 Doors Down' and Chimano wears nail polish for a quick selfie and suddenly it's Hiroshima all over again? Urgh, cut him some slack it's 2018, let people enjoy things.

And in that light, here are some international celebs who frequently wear nail polish:

1. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

2. Rock music artiste, Adam Lambert.

3. Actor and 30 seconds to mars singer Jared Leto.

4. Actor, Johnny Depp.

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5. Rapper Wiz Khalifa.

6. Rapper Snopp Dogg.

7. Singer and Heidi Klum's ex husband,Seal.

See? It's no big deal.

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