Starting your natural hair journey? Here are some common mistakes to avoid

Rookie mistakes to avoid when transitioning to natural hair.

The struggle of trying to get a comb through growth is not fun. Oh, and the dryness that your hair experiences is a totally different story all together.

This is not to scare you from transitioning to natural hair though but only to shed some light on what happens when you do not transition the right way.

Here are some rookie mistakes to avoid when transitioning to natural hair.

1.Not detangling properly

When transitioning, your hair is bound to get tough and hard to comb through. Instead of just running a comb through your hair, detangle it with conditioner to make it easier to comb through.

Detangling with conditioner will help avoid your hair from cutting and breaking.

2.Staying with protective styles for too long

Protective styles are great for minimizing breakage and retaining length but they can also be bad for your natural hair when you leave them on for too long.

Staying with protective styles for too long can lead to breakage, dryness and thinning of the hair.

3.Too much heat

Damage to natural hair due to excessive heat is not a well-kept secret. This is probably rule number one to achieving healthy natural hair – stay away from too much heat.

No matter how thick and tough that growth gets, try as much as possible to stay away from the blow dry.

4.Neglecting a regular trim

In order to avoid breakage, regular trimming is essential in your natural hair journey.

5.Transitioning on your own

You don’t have to struggle to wash your hair by yourself at home just because other people are doing it – yes, we know it’s cheaper. There are however professionals that can assist with that so don’t feel bad going to the salon from time to time.

6.Using every natural product on your hair

It is easy to buy a natural hair product because you saw it on your favorite naturalista but you also have to remember that their hair is different from yours.

Maybe your scalp is more sensitive than theirs or their hair texture is different from yours. Make sure to get the right product for your hair otherwise your transitioning journey will be useless.

Source: Curls understood and Guardian Nigeria


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