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This man has better natural hair than you will ever have (Photos)

This is what perfect hair looks like

One such influencer is US-based Wolfgang Lisborg who has better hair than most of us black ladies. In fact, he has better hair than we will ever have. Wolfgang is a natural hair enthusiast and advocate who has embraced growing lengthy hair amid the stigma that comes with black men growing their hair to shoulder length, something more accepted among say the Caucasian and Hispanic men for instance.

Part of the reason why he chose to grow and keep his ‘mane’ was because he wanted to remind black women that they do have an identity of beauty that has been established.

But the journey to get this admirable lengthy hair has not always been easy for Wolfgang, albeit, one thing he learned while starting the natural hair journey was that the first step when starting this journey is ask yourself “What do I want my hair to achieve?” for him, he was sure that what he wanted to gain length.


Now, the natural hair influencer with a massive following on social media shares his healthy hair care regimen with the many black women either starting out on their natural hair journey or looking to have healthy natural hair.

On one of his many Instagram posts full of inspiration, he posts:

>>>GETTING YOUR HAIR TO LISTEN<<< One of the biggest quarrels  many have with their hair, is it not cooperating!!! First off, before it'll work in your favor you have to "LISTEN" , to what it's telling from the signs  it's showing you. If it's showing you how dry, brittle, hard, tough, rough, tangled, smelly, dull, and how starving it is . Then you're clearly not "LISTENING" to your hair . Think about when it comes to planting  what are you focusing on doing? You're watering the plants and the soil daily ☀. Then adding fertilizer ✨ feeding them for bomb results. So lemme ask you, why don't you do that with your hair 樂? Keep this in mind from now on your journey. What's the main difference between vegetables and fruits??? One is evidently JUICIER than the other ! Obviously, it's because one needs far more water  daily. On the food aspect, plants(a fruit tree is, a plant if you ain't know) feed off the sun "daily" since their process is called chlorophyll. For our hair you've got to understand it needs oil, Butter, and etc. To feed off of, cause how the hell your hair suppose thrive off of a deprived, hungry, and dehydrated scalp? *drop*! Unless you wanna have vegetable hair your whole life !

Wolfgang washes his hair every other two days a week using a plethora of natural hair care products and his hair, his hair is quite something, from the length to the texture, it’s literally to die for. Oh and the guy swaps styles like a pro he will effortlessly transition from a slicked back bun to a top bun to a curly fro, kinky fro, space buns, hell, that man can do anything with the hair and let's not even get started on the healthy edges. In fact, if he came to Kenya, someone may even try and steal it someway somehow hehe.


Have a look:


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