4 natural remedies for sensitive teeth

Your oral health matters

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There is nothing as annoying as sensitive teeth. You open your mouth to speak but the cold air hits your teeth so hard. You try drinking anything or even eating but your teeth can’t allow you. And it’s not because it pains, they are just super sensitive and you can’t stand anything getting in touch with them.

If you use tooth paste that has strong abrasive, your enamel gets sensitive. It can also happen if you have been brushing your teeth aggressively making your enamel to wear out. To relieve the sensitivity, try out these natural remedies:

1. Stay away from acidic foods

 In their sensitive state, the last thing you will want is to eat or drink anything acidic such as carbonated drinks or citrus fruits. They will only make it worse so you had kept off from them.

2. Saltwater

You can hardly go wrong with salt. Rinsing your mouth with salty water will balance the pH creative an environment that’s not conducive for bacteria to bleed. Salt also has antiseptic features. Rinse your mouth three times a day until you see results.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is mostly known for its benefits when it comes to healthy hair. But what most people do not know is that coconut oil also has several benefits for oral health. It helps in making teeth whiter, kills bacteria, promotes healthy gums and also relieves sensitive teeth.

4. Garlic or onions

Well, this may come as a surprise but garlic and onions are actually good for your oral health. You just need to forget about the effect they have on your breath for a moment. Besides their antimicrobial properties, they both help in relieving teeth sensitivity.


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