Negative Energy Kills Beware!!

Elude negativity

Do you at times sit and engage your mind about what goes around you? Is it positive or negative? How do you take that? Does it get to your head and bother you sometime?

At times too much negative energy is ingrained in us unconsciously until we feel victimized. This can go great miles in lowering our self-esteem and make us feel useless. The feelings end up being toxic cocktail mix and when they explode there is a total change in a character’s behavior.

Those unconscious beliefs that we hold unknowingly can make us negative people. If you view reality as negative you are conditioned to take everything wrong even when it’s right. Negativity wears a disguise in reality.

Damaris Kigen, a third year student from Kenyatta University admits to have lived in denial for a long time. Hanging out with friends who used her and viewed her as a ‘daff’ which she defines as ‘Designated Annoying Fat Friend’. In English, duff means inferior or useless yet they would use her to their advantage.

“It took time for me to realize they were using me since I am generous and the type of person to help others whenever I can”, says Damaris.

She admitted how generosity and willingness to be of assistance blinded her from noticing how her so-called friends misused her.

Kenneth Fox, an expert in relationships behavior acknowledges that such cliques exist and especially among the teenagers. He explains further that in such groups, there are different personalities ranging from super-malignant emotional vampires to victims. Fox warns that people should check out for the telltale signs to be able to identify and avoid such emotional vampires.

Negativity makes one feel less of a person. It makes an individual feel like they never have a say. Sense of entitlement lead them to be overly sensitive to feelings of rejection and they easily get mad. It makes them feel physically unattractive. They make fun of others to elevate sorry vision for themselves.

Some outstanding characteristics of negative people include: Always worried and on the look for bad news, they are ever pessimistic, they have the ‘me’ first attitude, very secretive, they like controlling others, are over sensitive and take compliments the wrong way. The word ‘but’ never miss in their statements, they are energy vampires, and also under achievers.

“Whenever you are around emotional vampires always visualize a protective shield surrounding you just as amniotic fluid surrounds and protects an embryo”, says Kenneth Fox. This will let positive energy keep negative ones away.

Positive people simply live the four-in-one-ratio: generate four positive thoughts for every negative one to keep situations from getting out of hand.

Positive minded folks are assumed to be unrealistic and living in denial but that is not the case, they just choose to view life from a different perspective which is beneficial to them.

Negativity to the extremes is classified as a spell. It affects you the same way as a negative possessive spirit. You lack self-confidence and even feel ashamed to walk before people. It affects your performance both socially and academically.

Often at times we are told in order to succeed we must outshine others. Such a mentality can go a long way in creating a toxic competition among us and within no time we will be pulling others down. It does promote a spirit of cooperation.

We are exposed to a lot of reality shows and movies and most of which focus on humiliating others. We end up doing the same not keeping in mind that the person on the receiving end feels devastated by our deeds.

Many at times when people are exposed to negativity it sinks into their heads and they end up embracing the ‘go-away-and-leave-me-alone’ attitude. It takes a lot to return us to the world of positivity once it gets there.

A lot of people are not aware of the negative spirit in them. The media contributes much of this through exposing us to scenes of violence, death and tragedy. That is why you should limit what you see if you are to remain positive.

Negative folks are afraid of being alone. They are always in groups of their negative colleagues and mostly making fun of others. They feel naked and hide in groups.

Do you ever notice positive folks get what they want in life? While those with negative attitudes whine and moan about their misfortunes?

“When I found out how I made others feel repulsive, I stopped,” says Dorothy Iramwenya, a third year student from University of Nairobi.

Dorothy used to belong to a group of friends dubbed ‘EB’ (Essential Bitches). They’d humiliate others, scorn whoever crossed their path. That would make them happy. She attributes this uncouth behavior to the negative energy she was fed with unknowingly over time.

Once you understand that everything that happens to you is under your control, you will have joy and peace of mind. Do not be stacked into negativity, overcome the past. Create a new reality that you yearn and desire, in what you believe, imagine, fantasize and most importantly want. Do not allow negativity to permeate in you. Rise and design your life with a conscious mind.

Enough of that low spirit. Spend time alone with solitary pursuits. Realign your essence. Awaken the positive mind. Once you invest in such positive energy that’s when you will notice you have the right kind of people around you and a definite increment in your level of happiness and inner peace. Choose to live positively today.

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