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Reasons why you sweat at night

And what you can try to control the night sweats

Previous studies showed that night sweats are associated with states of arousal, taking antidepressants, blood pressure medications, alcohol or eating just before going to bed.

The research suggested that each of these could disrupt the body's natural ways of regulation body temperature.

Hormone shifts during menopause or pre-menstrual syndrome could also contribute to hot flashes at night.


According to Time, intense exercise too close to bed can also “throw off” the body’s thermoregulation processes.

Experts explain that body temperature naturally dips just before bed, which promotes sleep. Eating or exercising too close to bed can fire up your metabolism, which increases heat production.

Nighttime sweats are also caused by nightwear material, mattresses and sheets that don’t breathe well.

Sometimes insomnia can contribute to higher temperatures when you're trying to sleep.

What you can do to control night sweats


Sleeping with your feet outside of the covers can help.

Ask your doctor if you can switch medications.


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