How to know your health status by your nipples

What your nipples are telling you

For instance, if you notice wrinkling around the areola, especially if it happens around one nipple, you should contact you doctor. This could be a warning sign of breast cancer, according to Women's Health Magazine.

Here are 4 more things your nipples are telling you

1. Nipple discharge

This can be normal. If the discharge is clear, milky or bluish-green.

If the discharge is bloody or coming from one breast, it could be a sign for benign tumor, cyst or breast cancer.

2. Red, itchy, flaky nipples

If you aren't doing vigorous exercise it could be a sign of a rare disease called Paget's disease. But it could also be eczema.

3. Hairy nipples

These are normal. The small bumps around the nipples are hair follicles. If they grow and become painful in size, it could be a sign of infection or cancer.

4. Pain in nipples during breast feed

Throbbing, burning, cracked, or sore nipples are normal during the first few weeks of lactation. Swollen breasts can also trigger nipple pain.


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