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This is the infection that spreads fastest in the office

Hint: It's not the cold.

Whenever someone shows up to work with a cold or the flu, within days everyone else is infected. This is because shared surfaces such as doorknobs, flask handles, mouses, keyboards and pens etc. can spread an obscene amount of germs.

The solution to this is simple. Always use wet wipes after handling such appliances. Wash your hands after using the bathroom. And make sure your utensils are clean before use.


However, the common cold isn't the most easily spread affliction in the office.

Studies showed that rudeness can spread fastest in an office especially if an employee has been on the receiving end of that impolite unpleasantness.

Rudeness is highly contagious.

It revealed that experiencing rudeness in the office makes people more likely to perceive rude behaviour in others, and exhibit impolite behaviour in return spreading like a 'virus'.

Rude behaviour influences how co-workers respond to each other.


The research was conducted by the University of Florida.

Participants who had been exposed to rudeness were told to respond to a fictitious customer email that was neutral. Their responses were found to be hostile in nature.

People who experience rudeness will be more susceptible to ambiguous situations, seeing hostility even when it isn't there.

The study was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.


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