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Only guys without a beard can understand these problems

Beardless men struggles

Beardless men struggles (LiveAbout)

In a previous post, we highlighted some of the struggles that bearded guys go through. But then, even guys without a beard have their struggles. So, in case you thought that these guys have it smooth, have a look at some of the struggles they have to deal with every day:

1. You always have to produce your ID

Growing a beard is part of puberty. So, when you still don’t have a beard and are past puberty, some people still think you are not an adult. You will be 20 and but you will be forced to produce your ID because people still think you are under 18 years.


2. When a girl you like says she into bearded guys

It’s sad when you are around girls and all they are doing is talking of how much they like guys with a beard. It’s even worse if a girl you like says she is into bearded guys. You know you can just have her.

3. You are fed up with people who make fun of beardless guys


Why can’t people just leave your smooth face alone? Every time someone makes fun of beardless guys, you want to punch their faces and because you feel offended.

4. Movember doesn’t make sense to you

When everyone is eager to grow their beard and share their photos on social media, you have nothing to show. Because anyway, it makes no difference for you.


5. Unsolicited advice

Whether you like it or not, people seem to be so concerned about your beardless face even if you are okay with it. They will be suggesting creams and hacks you can use to grow your beard while that is the least of your problems.

6. You have given up trying

You have tried the magical cream that everyone was swearing by and even the pricey lotions but nothing seems to be working for you. You have now come to terms with your beardless face and got used to it.



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