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Struggles only bearded guys can understand

Wanaume wanaumia huku nje

Bearded guys struggles (menshairtylesworldcom)

So, having a beard comes with a price. As cute as it may seem, there are struggles that bearded guys go through and you can never understand unless you grow a beard yourself.

Below are some beards struggles that are so real than you could imagine:


Well, you have to master the art of eating certain foods like burgers without having them get stuck in your beard. Otherwise, you are going to walk around with some particles on your beard. And frankly, removing some of the particles can be really painful.

Your intention is purely to play with the infant and their intention is to play with your beard. The only difference is that once they have a grip on your beard, you will be screaming for help.


With bearded guys, you have to get used to the attention from all sorts of people. Don’t judge them, it’s the only thing that most people will notice about you. And ooh, you will get compliments and not so nice things will also be said about your beard.


You can’t just neglect your beard lest you go smelling like a rotten rat. You have to clean and condition it regularly with beard grooming products.

People are always asking why you never shave and you are already tired of explaining it.


For some reason, bearded guys are sometimes associated with vices such as terrorism. You walk into a room everyone looks at you suspiciously.

You will be told you look like 10 people just because you have a beard. Because all bearded guys look alike. But seriously?


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