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Unspoken rules of wearing a suit that every guy should know

Do's and don'ts of wearing a suit

Rashid Abdalla (Instagram)

Nobody will tell you how you should wear a suit. Yet, everyone expects you to wear it right. Like any other outfit, there are rules to follow when wearing a suit even though most of the time these rules are unspoken.

Here are some do’s and don’t you should always bear in mind when wearing a suit:

1. Too long trousers


Wait, should we even be talking about this? Well, it’s just a reminder in case you make the mistake of wearing those extremely long trousers that sweep the floor.

2. Get the right length of your jacket

Another common mistake that some guys make is wearing a jacket that is too long and baggy. Get a good tailor who can get your measurements correct so that both your trousers and jacket are well-fitting.

3. Too many accessories

If you decide to wear a suit, it should give you all the required attention. Going the extra mile to wear too many accessories will only cause unnecessary distraction. And honestly, a suit with too many accessories isn’t a good combination.


4. Your tie should contrast the colour of your suit

It’s that simple. If your suit is of a darker shade, your tie should be light and vice versa.

5. A belt and a suspender should never be worn together


Guys, this is a big NO. You either stick to a belt or a suspender but never both. If you can’t trust your suspender to hold on your pants, then just go for the belt.

6. Use the right accessories

If you must add accessories to your look, make sure they complement your suit. For instance, an athletic watch shouldn’t be worn with a suit.

7. Don’t button your bottom button


We get that logically if a button is there, it’s should be buttoned. But really, the bottom button of your jacket is better off left open.

8. No white socks

They just don’t work with suits so spare them for another day but not when wearing a suit.


9. Pick the right shoes

The shoes don’t have to match your suit but the colours shouldn’t be too contrasting. Instead, let the shoes complement the suit. Again, athletic shoes shouldn’t be worn with a suit.

10. Unbutton when sitting and button when standing

Sitting with your jacket buttoned can be uncomfortable and it also makes you look stuffed up. Plus, you don’t want to damage the buttons. You can then button your jacket when standing.


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