There is something unsettling about entering a salon and the person next, is a hot guy who’s hitting on you while asking the hairdresser to use number

I for one, believe in the power of limits. It’s boundaries that show the difference between well-polished nails and smudged ones and it sure is boundaries that keep our men looking so deliciously dapper at the workplace.

These boundaries were crossed when one of my personal favorite celebrities, the delectable Kagwe Mungai, decided to rock faux locks.

While it did make fashion news, one would expect… even hope, that Kagwe was just going through one of those crazy Lady Gaga fashion phases that no one else would dare copy.

But nooo.

In came gospel singer, L Jay Maasai, with an Afro Kinky mohawk.

On screen, it is very easy to confuse them for naturally grown dreadlocks. Perhaps this was the look our beloved celeb was aiming for.

His misappropriation of funds (because a haircut would have been cheaper) didn’t make news as he is not as popular as his fellow kindred spirit. However, we can’t say the same for Octopizzo and his bob box braids.

Yes, as a world we are making big steps towards enjoying freedom unbarred by culture. The power of anomy is one that is being fully embraced by the current batch of humans on earth.

It’s great… really.

Societal derangement, most often than not, moves to bring people together. Look at LGBTs, the atheists and the religious. On a legal level, it allows people to exercise human freedoms that were before unacceptable.

Still, can we pick a struggle?

First of all, why would anyone sit in the salon for an unnecessary four hours of braiding? Even women came up with wigs and crotchet braids to avoid it (Just... please don't try).

In as much as we fight for equal rights between men and women, there is nothing that is specifically liberating about a man flipping his braids during a conversation.

Furthermore, there are so many sexy haircuts that guys can rock. You want your hair long? Rock an afro, comb it and let it flow or put it in a bun.

Braids on men are as unacceptable as Sauti Sol’s outfit in the below photo.