Why you should apply perfume on your belly button

Your belly button is a prime location for fragrance.


But while these pulse points are great for scent lovers (since body heat emanating from pulse points can intensify a fragrance) there are other body parts that could do your scent some serious justice.

Like your belly button.

As weird as this may sound, considering a great number of people find theirs to be one of the most sensitive part of their body, the belly button is a great spot to apply perfume if you want to smell stronger and last longer on the body.

According to beauty experts on Huffingpost, your belly button is a prime location for fragrance. Its shape serves as a natural repository for scent, and your body heat allows the scent to radiate.

The idea is to identify areas on your body that generate the most heat during the day.

You could also apply perfume to behind your knees, inside your elbows and if you can spray your hair brush with your favourite scent and run it through your hair. The scent will stick on your hair strands.

And speaking of sticking, one of the biggest mistakes made with perfume is rubbing it in once it’s applied. Instead, let it dry on its own. This is because the initial scent of the perfume is broken down faster when you try to spread it.

The secret to long lasting perfume is not defined by the quality (though investing in a good scent is highly advisable and somehow affects the longevity of the scent) but how you apply it. Instead of staining your clothes, use this tiny spots on your body to make your perfume the most effective.

For the belly button, spray some on your finger and carefully apply it.


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