5 pregnancy infections that are dangerous for the baby

Watch out

Sick pregnant woman(American Heart Association)

Pregnancy is a delicate moment when your immunity is compromised. You are more likely to get infections, some of which could also affect the baby growing in your womb.

It’s thus wise to always seek help from a doctor each time you get sick during pregnancy for treatment. And this is not the time to try out home remedies as you may end up putting your baby’s life in danger.

Watch out for these infections:

1. Uterine infections

Uterine infections during pregnancy can pose life-threatening complications to the mother as well as the baby. The infection affects the placenta from which the fetus feeds. This in return leads to preterm birth, birth defects and labor can also get worse.

2. Bacterial vaginosis

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include; fish vaginal odor, itchy vagina, grey discharge and or pain in the vagina. BV can be treated but if left untreated, it leads to low birth weight and preterm birth.

3. Chlamydia

This sexually transmitted disease is dangerous during pregnancy although it can still be treated. The bad thing with chlamydia is that it can go undetected for a long time and it also increases the risk of preterm birth. If you still have chlamydia at the time of birth, it could lead to pneumonia and cause eye infections to the baby.

4. Gonorrhea

Untreated gonorrhea is known to cause miscarriages, preterm birth as well as low birth weight babies. Infants can also get eye infections or become blind since the fluid surrounding the fetus during pregnancy is also likely to be infected.

5. Genital herpes

This is a dangerous one as it can cause infant fatalities during birth and lifelong damages such as brain damage, blindness among other defects.

Other infections that are dangerous during pregnancy include hepatitis, chicken pox, and HIV.


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