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The main reason why women should never pee before sex

Urologist explains why urinating before sex is bad for you.

Women shouldn't pee before sex to reduce risk of urinary tract infection.

Urinating before sex increases chances of infection.

This is because during intercourse, bacteria from the vagina could get pushed into the urethra.


Waiting to pee and having enough urine stored up in the bladder to flush out the bacteria is a much better option.

Without any urine, you're more susceptible to infection during sex.

Urinary tract infection is an infection that occurs in the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. It's more prone to women because they have shorter urethras which allows bacteria to have faster access to the kidneys.

UTI has the following symptoms


If left untreated, it could lead to reduced kidney function or sepsis. Vigilance is key, so it would be best not to pee before sex.


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