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How to tell if your period pain is actually endometriosis

It can make you infertile

menstrual cramps

People around the globe join hands every March to raise awareness of endometriosis. The condition which can easily go undiagnosed for years is not only painful but can also render a woman infertile.

One of the common signs of endometriosis is period pain. Sadly, women who have no idea about it think it’s normal to have extreme period pain which only makes it worse. The period pain, however, varies from woman to woman and some experience more pain than others.

So, how do you tell if your period pain is normal or you need to get checked up for endometriosis? We have tried to shed some more light below. However, a medical examination is the surest way to know if your period pain is due to endometriosis:

1. It affects your day to day activities


If you have to miss work or class because the pain is too much, you should get checked up. Period pain that won’t go away even after taking pain killers could be a sign of endometriosis.

2. Pain during and after sex

Unless you have an infection or you were not sexually prepared, you should not feel pain during sex. If you always feel pain during and after intercourse and your periods are really painful, you should see a doctor to rule out the possibility of endometriosis.

3. Pooping hurts


This is yet another sign of endometriosis that can easily go unnoticed. Sometimes you might even notice blood on the stool when you have endometriosis. Although pain during bowel movement could be a sign of a different condition, it could also be a sign of endometriosis when accompanied by extremely painful periods.

4. Persistent pelvic pain

With endometriosis, the pain does not only come during periods. Sometimes you may have pelvic pain all through your cycle although it gets worse during periods.


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