6 signs you are eating too much protein

Too much of everything is poisonous


Like everything else, too much protein is bad for your health. And you may never realize that you are having too much of it unless the signs start surfacing.

But before you get to a point where you will have to be hospitalized or the doctor restricts you from eating protein, just be keen on what you eat. In short, make your portions moderate. But just in case you are wondering whether you have been taking too much proteins, here are common signs that you should cut your protein portions:

1. Brain fog

Can’t concentrate on your project? Your protein intake could be to blame. When you are taking lots of proteins, your carbs intake goes down in most cases. As such, your body is deprived of sugars yet sugars are what the body and the brains relies on for energy to function.

2. You are gaining weight

If you ditched your fries and chocolate bars already but your weight keeps on increasing, check your protein intake. Protein is a good way to help you lose weight but if you go overboard, you will add weight.

3. Thirst

There are various reasons as to why you might be fighting thirst all the time. When you take too much protein, your kidneys are forced to overwork in order to get rid of the excess proteins. You end up urinating more often leaving your body crying for more water.

4. Bad breath

This is a serious one as it also affects those around you. Ordinarily, the body depends on carbs for energy. So, when you eat too much proteins and less carbs, your body is forced to source for energy from fats and proteins. In the process, you get body odor and not even brushing and flossing can help at such a point.

5. Kidney problems

Since too much proteins forces your kidneys to overwork, they can end up getting damaged.

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6. Constipation

If you take too much protein, your body will be short of fiber which is responsible for regular bowel movement.


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