7 worrying signs that your unborn baby could be in trouble

See a doctor immediately

Doctor and pregnant woman(giftedmom)

It’s not common for a pregnant woman to worry about the well-being of their baby.

You hope against all hope that your baby is fine all the time and that you will carry it to term. If you notice these signs during pregnancy, you should see a doctor because your baby could be unwell:

1. No heartbeat

Towards the end of the first trimester, the baby’s heart beat can already be felt. If the case is otherwise, the baby’s location could be the problem while it could also mean that the baby is no more. Unusual heart beat patterns could also indicate that the baby is under stress. Just see your doctor for checkup.

2. No movements

At around 20 weeks, you should be feeling your baby kick often. Movement is one sure way to know that your baby is in good health. If the number of kicks has reduced tremendously or it no longer kicks, something is not well.

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3. Bleeding

Bleeding is quite common during pregnancy. However, no amount of bleeding should be ignored. Sometimes the bleeding could be a sign that your baby is in trouble. You could be having a placental abruption or an infection that could also affect the baby.

4. Abnormal discharge

Women have more discharge during pregnancy. Even so, if you release so much discharge or a smelly one, you should see a doctor. There are times that the amniotic fluid breaks before time putting the baby in danger.

5. Low hCG levels

HCG is the hormone released during pregnancy. Although its levels will fluctuate depending on each stage, extremely low levels is a red flag. It could mean that the baby has stopped growing and a miscarriage is on the way.

6. Intrauterine growth resistance (IUGR)

During your prenatal visits, a test will be done to determine if the baby is growing as it should. Breathing problems, blood pressure and body temperature could lead to IUGR, a condition where the baby resist growth.

7. Sudden absence of morning sickness

Morning sickness is common all through the first trimester. Some women though, are lucky not to have it. However, if you have been having morning sickness then it disappears all of a sudden, your hCG might have gone down and it could lead to a miscarriage.


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