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Why we love shea butter

Shea butter is rich in vitamins E and A.

Shea butter

Shea butter has been proven countless times to be an effective skin food. We seem to ignorantly sort to it only in the dry season; the harmattan.

Its unique properties make it stand out among all skin products. It is rich in vitamins E and A.

In a world of cosmetic laden backed with synthetic ingredients which tend to have an adverse effect on the skin with time, why not make shear butter with is entirely botanical your best choice.


1. Fades stretch marks

Save yourself the expense and possible harm of turning to Retin-A or laser treatment for stretch mark removal. Shear butter interestingly helps in this endeavor.

Its abundance vitamins and healing agents don't make this seem like much a stretch. It gradually makes the appearance of stretch marks very faint with time.

2. Fights wrinkles

The American shea butter institute claims that the application of high-quality shea butter has the ability to fight wrinkles.


This is good news. The fear of early aging which often could be curbed with this botanical product.

3. Many-sided        

This to me is why I love my shear butter and would not stop singing praises about it. It is all-rounded in its usage. Aside shear butter being edible which most of you might know, it is also used by many as hair food.

Just look at this, no stress of looking of looking for two different beauty products; for hair and skin when your butter can approach both with great impact.


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