5 surprising benefits of being messy

"I'm slobby and I'm healthy."

While being clean can prevent the spread of specific pathogens and even helps your house look better, it may actually be more beneficial to be a slovenly slob.

Here 5 surprising benefits of being a slob.

1. Not making your bed reduces dust mites

Your bed is home to 1.5 million dust mites that feed off your dead cells and the moisture from your sweat. When inhaled they can cause allergies and asthma.

Tucked in blankets lock in moisture that the mites need to survive.

Leaving your bed unmade and exposed to sunlight is what will help reduce the presence of dust mites in your bed.

2. Laziness lowers blood pressure

Well, not complete laziness but having amounts of time where you're not involved in a high pressure activity can help lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve concentration and mood, and increase blood flow to major muscles.

3. Having no fashion sense helps reduce decision fatigue

Limiting the scope of your wardrobe can help reduce the number of decisions you have to make. Making decisions consumes energy.

4. Having a messy workstation boosts creativity

Studies have shown that disorderly desks encourage breaking free of tradition and taking more risks therefore leading to more applied creativity.

5. Jeans last longer when you don't wash them

Hot water and detergent makes denim fades. Raw denim should go for 6 months between washes. If you stain your jeans, spot wash them then air dry.



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